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Feeling stressed, worried or low?

We are able to offer FREE courses to West Berkshire residents to support positive wellbeing. Courses range from art, cookery and dancing to pottery, sewing and stress management.

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Current courses

  • In Mind: Creative Writing - Suitable for all abilities who are looking to express themselves through creative writing. Each session starts with a group discussion that enables you to explore and test your ideas. Take a look at how the industry works and explore the equipment used to create your own material. You will learn how to assess pieces of writing with sensitivity as well as positively undertake criticism. Explore how to channel a theme or idea with enough conviction to inject your own writing persona. Small writing exercises will generate a bank of ideas for character, world, dialogue and themes. Learn how to write action, how to reflect tone, pace and visual spectacle in your writing. Develop an understanding of the tropes and fundamentals in writing for different genres and format scripts for different performance based mediums.
  • In Mind: Paint yourself Calm - This course is suitable for all abilities who wish to explore the expressive potential of painting, feel a sense of calm whilst using colour and improve their state of mind from the process.
    Each session will begin with a short discussion about your progress, how you are feeling and hoe we can use the act of painting to change your state of mind.
    During the course, you will discover how you can change your mood through painting. You will be guided to paint with soothing colours to bring a sense of wellbeing and gain an understanding that by working with colour, you can take control of how you feel. You will be offered subjects to paint which aid visual relaxation such as simple landscapes including skies and water.
    During the course there will be demonstrations, individual tuition and discussion. Whilst painting, your visual awareness of shape, colour and composition will be heightened as well as learning a range of painting techniques. You will be taught at a level appropriate to your ability and a variety of subject matter will be offered from which to paint.
    Learning Outcomes Learn about brush types and brush strokes Learn about colour theory and colour mixing Learn about colour temperature and colour Intensity Learn about colour harmony Learn methods of creating atmosphere Learn to create a light airy mood Learn to use atmosphere to create space and distance
  • In Mind: Strictly Solo Dancing - This course aims to provide learners with the basic solo routines and exercises using popular dances from Ballroom and Latin dancing.
    Each session will include a check-in and discussion, a safe place to explore our week and any challenges we might have faced. After our check in we spend some time building up our confidence to dance, adding personal style, developing posture, rhythm and also making sure we have an enjoyable experience. This course is flexible to suit the needs of all learners, providing revision and practice.
    Learning Outcomes Improve posture Identify different dances to music Demonstrate the Dance routines in time to the music
  • In Mind: Therapeutic ArtThis course is for anyone wanting to express themselves through any art medium or to come and relax and be involved in an art activity that may take the focus away from life's difficulties and worries. Each session will start with a group discussion and sharing session (check in) after which you will be given a task. You will be encouraged to try and express your feelings in your artwork, whether positive or negative. You will be encouraged to use your artwork as a means to express further what you may be struggling to say verbally.
    At the end of each session we will have a group critique session, looking at the artwork created and giving each other some positive and constructive feedback in order to develop and improve.Over the duration of the course we will look at Art movements such as Pointillism, Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, and Fauvism. You will be encouraged to produce something in each of these different styles, whilst at the same time developing your own style of drawing or painting. We will work mainly in watercolour, acrylic, or pastels. You will be able to try at least one piece using each different medium after which you will choose your favourite or a combination (mixed medium).
    By the end of the course learners will be confident in using their chosen medium and working in an expressive style. They will be able to see how an image can help them tell a story about their emotions, communicate things that are difficult to talk about, express all kinds of emotions both positive and negative and become a talking point amongst other like-minded people who may be experiencing similar emotions.

For further details please call 01635 845213 or contact us.