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At Newbury College we take the welfare of all of our students very seriously. If you have any worries about being bullied or harassed, your personal safety, including sexual harassment, or discrimination of any kind, both in or out of College, please contact a member of our Safeguarding Team.

Safeguarding Team

    • Lee Hunt
    • Vice Principal and Designated Safeguarding Person
    • Ben Broyd
    • Learner Services Manager
    • Rachael Elsey
    • Rachael Elsey
    • Curriculum Manager (Services)
    • Cathy Gladwin
    • High Needs Student Manager Foundation Learning
    • Jane Southern
    • Pre-16 Safeguarding Officer
    • Julie Appleby
    • Wellbeing Mentor
    • cathy wright
    • Cathy Wright
    • Head of Human Resources


Newbury College recognises that some students and staff may be at risk from radicalisation. Newbury College will assess the risks of violent extremism, which represents the greatest threat at national level, while recognising that other forms of violence and extremism can and do manifest themselves within other nearby colleges and / or training providers.

On this basis, the College has developed with its students, staff, governors and visitors a strong culture of respect and a safe place of learning. It is in this context that the College has considered its Prevent Duty and recognises the importance of working with staff, governors, the local authority, the police, the local safeguarding board, health professionals, local Prevent experts and others to identify and to safeguard vulnerable students and staff in the College.

pdf Prevent Strategy (337 KB)

Social media and online safety

You may have heard a lot in the news about cyber-bullying and social media misuse. Online sites and mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Kik, etc have given young people new ways to communicate and get involved with other people on a truly global scale.

We encourage students to behave responsibly online and when using social media platforms through our tutorial programme and special "stay safe" events. Misbehaviour by text message or online is treated just as seriously as any other.

To find out more about preventing cyber-bullying and staying safe online, please visit

Policies and Documents

Committee Meetings

Safeguarding Committee Meetings are open to students, staff and parents/guardians. If you would like to attend a meeting, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Newbury College also works closely with external organisations:

The Edgenhs tvp


  1. If you have concerns please contact us in confidence to speak with a member of our safeguarding team.
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