Newbury College is committed to supporting the Health and Well-being of its learners. It provides a range of in house services as well as community partners to provide relevant support and advice.


Newbury College has its own Counsellor dedicated to the well-being of staff and learners.  Confidential appointments can be booked through Learner Services.   If you
feel that personal issues or study is affecting you our counsellor is here to help.

Learners taking up this service are supported to remain in College and are usually successful in their studies.

Our Counsellor works within strict confidentiality guidelines as set down by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and is therefore not able
to discuss or share information unless it is felt necessary to involve another agency. eg Social Services.


Ensuring that everyone is safe at College is of paramount importance. Learner Services and the Tutorial Team Leader play a key role in safeguarding and are here to support any learner at risk or in difficulty.  For support or advice about yourself or another individual, please contact the Safeguarding Team through Learner Services 01635 845000 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Main Programmes particularly for 16-18 year olds are complemented by a comprehensive tutorial programme. This encompasses Health and Well-being topics to educate learners to make safe decisions. This is varied annually but includes Drugs and Alcohol sessions from the local community police, the Safe Drive; Stay Alive event, external speakers and information, health advice and support.

Health Promotion

The College is supported by The Zone who visit twice a week.  They provide impartial and confidential advice for sexual health.  Connexions are also on site once a week to provide welfare advice and support for learners under 20 years old.


The College has a chaplaincy service to help those who need to discuss moral or spiritual issues, need support in times of grief or bereavement or simply provide a different perspective on life. The College Chaplain visits regularly.  There is also a quiet room located by Learner Services for prayer, reflection or just personal time out.