Hair and Beauty Showcase 2019

From 26 June 2019 18:00 until 26 June 2019 20:00

Once upon a time, in a far, far away College, there were a group of extremely talented students, with an extra special gift.


What made these students so special was their ability to bring imagination to life, through extraordinarily creative hairstyles and makeup applications.


Each year, the students would invite people from far and wide to be amazed at their beautiful creations and celebrate their achievements.


This year’s theme will whisk you off to the world of bedtime stories, but there is no danger of falling asleep, as the spectacular show will have you on the edge of your seat.


You don’t need a fairy godmother to receive an invitation to this ball. Just click register and let us know how many tickets you would like in the comments box. (Restrictions on maximum numbers may apply)

We look forward to seeing you soon!