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This qualification is aimed at students who want to develop their knowledge of dementia and dementia care. It is ideal for students already employed in the health and social care sector who wish to upskill. Students develop an in-depth understanding of dementia and its effects.

This course is split into seven manageable units, including:

Unit 1: Understand dementia

This unit introduces the most common types of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Students will study the causes, effects and risk factors of dementia and also gain an understanding of the importance of early diagnosis.

Unit 2: Understand how person-centred approaches are used to underpin the care and support of individuals with dementia

Throughout this unit students will gain an understanding of the importance of person-centred care for individuals with dementia. Students will consider how each individual's experience of dementia is different and how they can be supported.

Unit 3: Principles of communication and interaction in dementia care and support

This unit introduces students to various ways in which individuals with dementia may communicate. Students will discover the factors that could influence interactions and communication, and develop their understanding of how communication is an effective part of caring for, and supporting individuals with dementia.

Unit 4: Supporting positive interaction, occupation and activity in dementia care

This unit will give an understanding of the range and benefits of positive interactions in dementia care. Students will discover various approaches and how to support these, as well as the importance of promoting identity and inclusion. Students will also investigate how individuals with dementia can engage in activity and occupation.

Unit 5: Principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care and support

Students will develop their understanding of the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion within the context of dementia care. This unit highlights how to recognise and challenge discrimination and oppressive practices.

Unit 6: Understand how to support individuals with dementia to exercise choice and rights

This unit will provide students with an understanding of how the rights of individuals with dementia are protected, and how to support individuals with dementia to exercise choice and make decisions, involving carers and others.

Unit 7: Principles of the administration of medication and well-being of individuals with dementia

Students will develop their understanding of the common medication that could be used for individuals with dementia and the actions to take in the event of side-effects or adverse reactions.

Entry Requirements

You will be issued with an Induction Workbook during your first discussion with your tutor; this workbook will determine whether you are suitable for the course. Learners must have the Level 2 Understanding the Principles of Dementia Care or an equivalent qualification at a similar level before this course.

Ages 24+: Our L2 Distance Learning qualifications are free to EU/UK Nationals regardless of previous qualifications.

Ages 19 to 23 are eligible for free courses if they have already achieved a full L2 qualification or equivalent. Please contact us for clarification.

Ages 19 to 23 who have not already achieved a full L2 qualification may be subject to costs. Please contact us for clarification.


Basic computer skills to operate the Online Learning Platform are advisable.


NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Understanding the Principles of Dementia Care


This course is assessed online with the help of a personal tutor, there are no exams.

Home Study

An estimated amount of 184 home study hours is needed to complete this course. As this course is run online, there are no classes to attend. Study will be home-based and at the student's discretion within the timeframe stipulated by tutor.

Work Placement

Students are not required to have experience in this sector to complete this course, although it is advisable to complete the Level 2 course in Understanding Dementia Care first.


There are various Level 2 and 3 courses in this sector available, please enquire with the Distance Learning team to find out more.

Fees and Additional Costs

Our Level 2 and Level 3 Digital and Distance Learning courses are available for FREE to UK/EU nationals aged 19 and over, who agree to take their qualification as part of a Digital and Distance Learning Programme. The programme includes the main qualification and short, additional workbook. Students who choose to take the qualification as a stand alone course or fail to complete their programme within the agreed timeframe will have to pay fees.

There may be an additional charge for work based assessment visits and other costs. You will be advised of any additional charges before enrolment.

Additional Information

CL3PDC 192001 Flexible start - £.00
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*Terms and conditions apply. The fees stated on this website are for guidance purposes only and should be checked before enrolment. Unless otherwise stated, fees shown are for tuition only, over one term (Community Learning courses) or one academic year. Where a course is longer than one academic year, the fees stated are for the first year, and the cost of the second or subsequent years will be discussed at interview. For details of fee remission for students over 19 click here. If you think you may be entitled to a concession or fee remission, or you would like more information on the additional costs associated with your chosen course, please contact us on 01635 845000 or email info@newbury-college.co.uk.

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