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Construction and Building Technology

Construction is one of the UK’s largest industries and offers many opportunities. The construction industry has, over the years, built the community in which we live.

From house conversions to office tower blocks, from footpaths to airports, railways and roads, construction workers of all types strive to improve our living and working conditions and our landscape.

Construction projects are found all over the UK, and British construction workers are often employed on overseas projects to build roads, dams, airfields and pipelines.

Major contracts are usually operated by large national and international construction groups. At local level, employers may be medium-sized or small companies. Many people operating in the construction industry are also self-employed.

The industry offers employment to people with a wide range of skills from craft workers to engineers. Workers in this industry must be able to work as part of a team and work well alone. They must be aware of the Health and Safety requirements at all times. Crafts people, such as carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers and electricians, may progress to become engineering technicians and construction managers.

Due to a current skills shortage in this industry area, the number of opportunities open to people working in construction are considerable.

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What can I progress on to?

Carpenters and joiners

Up to £30,000

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Electrical engineers

Up to £35,000

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Elementary construction occupations

Up to £17,000

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Pagan Sliwinski-Mackay

"The idea of working in a workshop environment really intimidated me when I first started. I was skeptical and nervous about being the only female on my course, but to my delight, the boys in my class never underestimated me. I love my chosen course and am excited to step into the industry when I finish College as a fully-qualified carpenter."

Pagan Sliwinski-Mackay
Carpentry, Level 2

Luke Saunders

"I’ve really enjoyed this course; the tutor is excellent and I can’t wait to get out there and make some money."

Luke Saunders
Brickwork, Level 2