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Information technology and computing are vital in just about every industry, from retail to sport, from music to banking. That’s why understanding technology is an important part of today’s education.

The UK IT industry is a fast-growing and dynamic sector. It employs well over half a million people, an increase of almost 33% in the last five years*. The sector is currently experiencing a skills shortage, which means that there are plenty of exciting and rewarding opportunities available to students who want to work in the industry.

To work in the industry, students need cutting-edge skills and the ability to quickly learn about new technology as it develops. For a successful career in IT, students need good technical skills, the ability to work well with people, an understanding of the way business and technology work together, and be able to bring all these skills together to run effective projects.

Careers in this sector include:
software development, programmers, web designers, database analysts, systems analysts, project managers or consultants.

*Source: www.thecreativeindustries.co.uk

Ben Rimen

"I took this course because IT is one of my interests and I’m looking to develop a career in computing."

Ben Rimen
Computing - Level 2

"I’ve really enjoyed this course, mainly because I want a career in IT."

Josh Pointer
Computing - Level 2

bobby loyal

"It's hard to find good quality up-to-date HTML & CSS courses in the Berkshire area. I've really enjoyed this course as the material is highly relevant and taught in a professional environment. The level of teaching is terrific and the tutor evidently spends a lot of time preparing for classes."

Bobby Loyal
Web Design for Beginners