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The catering and hospitality industry is concerned with providing the public with food and drink. It is an industry that is constantly changing. Jobs range from those preparing, cooking and serving food and drink, to welcoming guests and housekeeping behind the scenes. Some jobs are highly creative, such as that of a skilled chef.

Most jobs involve dealing with the public, so staff must be friendly, polite, have an outgoing personality and, most importantly, enjoy giving good customer service. Many people in catering and hospitality work for hotels, restaurants, canteens, pubs, clubs and leisure resorts. Catering services also cover, for example, schools and colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, railways, airlines and cruise ships.

The catering and hospitality industry employs approximately 2.9 million people, equivalent to 9% of the UK workforce*. Jobs can be found throughout the UK, and there are also opportunities to work overseas. Employment prospects are good. It is often possible in large organisations to become a supervisor or manager.

*Source: Prospects

Riley Coleman

"I want to be a chef because I have a passion for cooking and the catering course at Newbury College has given me a perfect opportunity to open my mind to food."

Riley Coleman
Cookery, Level 2

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