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This workshop is designed to enable delegates to develop an understanding of the different types of behaviour, identify alternative options and make informed choices about how to respond to difficult situations. Assertive behaviour is a considered response to a situation which leaves both parties feeling respected and valued, forming the foundations for building effective relationships.

Course Content

  • Understanding the different types of behaviour
  • Clarity on what assertiveness is and is not
  • The Assertiveness Framework and its application
  • Developing listening and questioning skills
  • Learning through case studies to deal with criticism and saying 'no'


  • The course will introduce you to tools and techniques to help improve relationships with others through assertive behaviour
  • Understand the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour and how they impact on relationships and results
  • Learn the assertiveness framework and how to use it
  • Choose body language and tone to complement and support their message
  • Learn to say 'no' without jeopardising relationships or results
  • Identify strategies for handling criticism and dealing with conflict constructively

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements of this course.


This course is designed for individuals seeking to build better relationships in the workplace through enhancing their assertiveness skills.


A certificate of attendance is awarded.


This is a non-accredited short course. Delegates will be able to self-assess their own achievement through their ability to carry out the skills they learn during the course.

Home Study

This is a one-day course and no home study will be required. Delegates are however encouraged to continue practicing the skills they learn and put them into practice.

Work Placement

Work placement is not included on this programme.


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Fees and Additional Costs

There are no additional costs associated with this course.

Additional Information

This a practical and knowledge-based workshop, involving participation, working in small groups, case studies and activities to support the application of new skills in the workplace.

BDT19206 192002 07/07/2020 07/07/2020 09:30 - 17:00 £250.00
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