Recruitment event seeks to promote the positive side of working in adult health and social care

Monday, 08 May 2017 10:54
Care Recruitment Fair 2017
Discover the opportunities in the adult health and social care

The reputation of the adult health and social care sector has suffered plenty since the failures at Mid Staffordshire Hospital and the Winterbourne View scandal. The negative connotations have not helped the sector in terms of attracting staff; it currently suffers from a severe crisis in recruitment. According to an article in The Guardian newspaper, there are as many as 90,000 vacancies* for social care jobs on any one day in England.

Along with the sector council, Skills for Care, Newbury College is promoting the positive side of working in adult health and social care in the Newbury area by holding a recruitment event at its campus on Monks Lane. The event takes place on Thursday 11 May between 2-5pm.

“Visitors, who are perhaps thinking about a change in career or joining the sector for the first time, can speak with local employers and discuss the opportunities for progression with qualified Newbury College staff,” explains course leader Karen Dodd. “We will be joined by organisations such as Audley Care, Bluebird Care, Brighter Kind, Choice Care Group, Elysium Healthcare (Thornford Park), Newbury Weekly News, Skills for Care, Sugarman Care and Support Partners Ltd, all of whom will be showcasing their workplace and demonstrating what they can offer in terms of a rewarding and fulfilling career. The event will also help our own students by presenting work placement opportunities. We look forward to seeing everyone there.”

The event is free to attend and visitors can pre-register for the event here or call 01635 845000 for more information.

*UK social care sector in crisis due to staff shortages, The Guardian Newspaper, Wednesday 08 March.